Rutland Heights State Hospital

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Rutland State Sanatorium
Rutland Heights State Hospital
Construction Began 1895
Opened 1898
Closed 1991
Demolished 2004
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Pavilion Plan
Location Rutland, MA
Alternate Names
  • Rutland State Hospital
  • Rutland State Sanatorium

The Rutland State Sanatorium was established in 1895 by an act of the Massachusetts State Legislature and opened in 1898. Originally called the Massachusetts Hospital for Consumptive and Tubercular Patients, it was the first state institution of its kind in the nation. It was successively renamed the Massachusetts State Sanatorium in 1900, Rutland State Sanatorium in 1910, Rutland Hospital in 1963, and after the move to a new facility, Rutland Heights Hospital in 1965. Constructed in an unusual radial-pavilion plan it continued to operate at its original location until the early 60's. At that point, the buildings were sold to Becker College and the facility was moved to the campus of a former Veterans' Administration Hospital closer to Rutland center. Shortly after, the original campus burned to the ground. The hospital continued to function as the "Rutland Heights State Hospital," in its new location until its closure in 1991. With the exception of a gate house, all the remaining buildings were demolished in 2004.