Springbank on the Wissahickon

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Springbank on the Wissahickon

Sanitorium on April 18, 1954
Established 1838
Opened May 1838
Current Status Closed
Building Style Pre-1854 Plans
Location 6700 Wissahickon Ave., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Springbank Sanitorium was founded in 1838 by Samuel Mason, the second such psychiatric facility in the city of Philadelphia, after that of Friends Hospital. In 1840, it became the property of Dr. Edward Lowber; however its original owner remained in residence on the grounds until 1888. It clinical purpose appears to shift in time, by 1900 it served "anemic and debilitated small girls". It was still in active use as a respite until the early 1960's. However, much of its history is unknown.

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