Inwood Sanitarium

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Inwood Sanitarium
Established August 1898
Opened 1898
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania


Inwood Sanitarium was a small inpatient facility in West Conshohocken, founded in August 1898 by the Pennsylvania Committee on Lunacy. The house was a well-built stone mansion with a slate roof and a large porch. A two story stone cottage, known as "Arrowmink Hall" (named after the local creek) was also found on site, as a secondary residence for the twenty patients who resided there. This facility was relegated exclusively to the care of women with "nervous and mental diseases". As was the custom of the Victorian Era, the site was presided over by a female physician, Dr. S. Elizabeth Winter, who was also its sole proprietor. Dr. Winter was formally an alienist with Friends Hospital, until she retired from that post to devote herself to the care of the Inwood Sanitarium. The original "Inwood" stood for twelve years, until a crippling fire which destroyed the site in 1910. However, it was rebuilt shortly thereafter. The fate of this facility past the death of Dr. Winter is unknown.

Neighboring Hospitals[edit]