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George Cooper[edit]

I have just discovered that my uncle George Cooper was a patient at the New Lisbon facility. He was listed on the 1940 census as a patient, and was 19 years old. He lived in the Azlea Cottage. His parents were Edward and Sadie Cooper of North Plainfield. How can I find out any information on his time there? many thanks

Well, I see there are two institutions in our database in New Lisbon: Burlington County Insane Asylum and New Lisbon State School. The county insane asylum would later become known as Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital. While I have no more specific information about the state school other then what's in the specific New Lisbon page. In general, State Schools were for those suffering from developmental issues or perceived developmental issues. (I.E. the IQ tests back then were unknowingly flawed and graded people lower then they should have been.) Yet, he most likely went to what was then known either as Buttonwood hospital or Evergreen Park Mental Hospital. By his time the old county buildings had been torn down along with the old TB buildings. The institution had shifted more towards the mental health side. The place is still active and you can try to contact them to see where the old records had gone. You can also try your luck at the state archives and also the local/county historical society. I hope that helps. M-Explorer (talk) 09:45, 28 December 2020 (MST)