St John's Hospital

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St. John's Hospital
Established 1929
Opened 1929
Closed 1950
Current Status closed
Architect(s) William Wilson Cooke
Location Gary, Indiana
Alternate Names McMitchell Hospital


Built in 1929 to serve the black population of Gary Indiana due to segregation laws that limited access to Gary's main hospital, this hospital was originally named McMitchell Hospital after it's founder Dr. Frederick McMitchell. The hospital severed the black community of Gary until it's closure in 1950 and was one of the first institutions in the area to provide segregated services with an all black nursing and medical staff. The hospital's attendance declined in the 1930's when Gary's Methodist and Mercy Hospitals desegregated and began to see black patients. Currently the site of the hospital is in serious deterioration and no plans, as yet, have been established to reuse the site. it has stood vacant since it's closure in the 1950's.

Pictures of the hospital are available here [1]