Hendricks County Infirmary

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Hendricks County Infirmary
Established 1868
Opened 1877
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Danville, IN
Architecture Style Italianate
Alternate Names
  • Hendricks County Asylum
  • Hendricks County Home
  • Cypress Manor


The Hendricks County Poor Asylum was first constructed in 1868 for people of Danville, Indiana and Hendrick's County. A second main building was built in 1877. The facility still serves the community as a county home. [1]

The Hendricks County Home is a unique housing facility in a historic home-like setting. Surrounded by flower gardens, spacious lawns, and large trees, the Home offers a relaxed country-like environment with a full line of services for independent or assisted living. With professional nurse consultants, as well as an experienced staff of caregivers, residents are assured of safe and comfortable housing as well as particular attention to individual needs.[2]



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