Battey State Hospital

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Battey State Hospital
Construction Began 1943
Opened 1946
Closed 2011
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Rome, GA
Alternate Names
  • Battey General Hospital
  • Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital


Battey State Hospital was first established in 1943 as a temporary Army General Hospital to deal with the large number of wounded soldiers. It was named after Dr. Robert Battey, a physician who built a successful practice and was key in advancing medical treatment in Rome Georgia. However, in 1946, the state negotiated and took over the hospital from the federal government.

Georgia turned the facility into a 2000 bed tuberculosis sanitorium. During this period, the state was experiencing a surge of TB cases. Locally around the hospital, there had been 2,534 newly reported cases. The site was renamed to Battey State Hospital

By 1967, the state looked at the site for more health services. Then in 1971 construction had been started on a mental health unit. That same year, mentally disabled residents at Gracewood State School and Hospital were transferred to Battey.

In 1973 Bettey was renamed Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital at Rome. However, the state was looking to move more services onto the property. Afterward, in 1975, the first psychiatric and alcohol and drug abuse patients were admitted.

As the TB crisis abated, the tuberculosis grew smaller and in the 1990s the unit closed. Each year afterward saw less people being admitted causing the remaining patients being moved into more local and private settings. Finally in 2011 the hospital closed. [1]