Tri Counties Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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Tri Counties Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Construction Began 1934
Construction Ended June, 1937
Opened September 6, 1937
Demolished November 20, 1937
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Scottsboro, Alabama


The Tri-Counties Sanatorium for Tuberculosis was established in the start of the 1934. In January, construction began on the building in Scottsboro, AL. The brick, twenty-six room tuberculosis hospital was completed in June 1937 at a cost of $30,000.

Patients were first admitted to the Tri-Counties Tuberculosis Sanatorium on September 6th 1937. On November 20th 1937, less than three months after the hospital had opened its doors, the building was destroyed by a fire. The 17 patients housed in at the hospital were safely removed from the building and were transferred to both private homes and Hodges Hospital in Scottsboro. [1]

Images of Tri Counties Tuberculosis Sanatorium[edit]

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