Suffolk County Almshouse

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Suffolk County Almshouse
Opened 1870/1937
Closed 1994
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Single Building
Location Yaphank, NY
Alternate Names
  • Suffolk County Poor House
  • Yaphank Almshouse
  • Suffolk County Home


The Suffolk County Poor House, as it was originally known, was established to care for the poor. The Poor House became a catch-all for all types of wasted humanity. Criminals, lunatics, cripples- all were herded under the same roof with the poverty-stricken. The Poor House was the solution to a wide range of social ills. No consideration was given to either the person who was called an "inmate," or to the cause of his or her problem. In 1929 New York State mandated that all institutions known as a "poor house" or an "almshouse" change the name. As a result, the Suffolk County Almshouse changed its name to the Suffolk County Home.

In 1937, a new brick Suffolk County Home was built further down Yaphank Avenue. After 1938, residents were no longer required to work, but many chose to do so until 1940. In 1994, the John J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility was opened and the old brick building became Suffolk County Offices.