Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute

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Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute
Established 1968
Opened 1969
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Falls Church, VA


The Institute was established in January 1968 as a short-term hospital to provide intensive treatment to individuals with acute mental health needs living in Northern Virginia. The hospital's physical plant encompasses a one-story brick structure with a basement area under approximately one-third of the building. All patient areas, as well as most of the clinical and administrative offices are located on the ground level, with a few additional staff offices and supply rooms located in the basement level.

Currently, the Institute has five co-ed patient care units. The Admissions units, F1 and F2, each has 20 beds. Intermediate Care unit, I1, has 27 beds and Intermediate Care unit, I2, with 28 beds has intermediate and forensic patients. Unit K, the psychosocial rehabilitation unit, has 34 beds.