Maybury Sanitarium

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Maybury Sanitarium
Established 1919
Closed 1969
Demolished 1975
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Northville, MI
Alternate Names Detroit Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium


In 1919, the land now known as Maybury State Park held a tuberculosis sanitarium. Originally called the Detroit Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, the facility was later named for William H. Maybury who spearheaded its development and actually oversaw its construction. The sanitarium was a city within itself consisting of around 40 buildings and could generate power and grow most of its own food. It served as a quarantine and recovery center for people with tuberculosis. At that time, there was no cure for tuberculosis until many years later when the development of antibiotics brought real help to people with the disease. The sanitarium was closed in 1969 when there was no longer a need for it. Most of the buildings had been torn down by 1975 when the State of Michigan Department of natural resources (MDNR) stepped in and the land became known as Maybury State Park.