Eastern State Custodial School

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Eastern State Custodial School
Opened 1905
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Medical Lake, WA
Alternate Names
  • State Institution for the Feeble Minded
  • Lakeland Village


In January of 1915, Lakeland Village, known then as the "School for the Feeble Minded," was opened at its present site. 252 males moved by horse-drawn wagon from the old site on the grounds of Eastern Washington Hospital for the Insane (Eastern State Hospital) where they has been housed since 1906. Prior to 1906 the only facility for the "feeble minded" was the School for Defective Youth in Vancouver, established in 1892.

Female residents moved to the new site in February 1917. The Population increased to 620 by 1918 and reached an all-time high of 1654 in 1938. The farm operation produced all vegetables, grain and ensilage used by the institution, 60% of the eggs, all pork, all milk and cream.

In 1939 Western State Custodial School was built on the west side of Washington. The state was then divided geographically and Lakeland was renamed Eastern State Custodial School. The change in name to Lakeland Village occurred in 1947.

The facility has undergone many changes both physically and philosophically through the years. Old dormitory style buildings were remodeled several times and then finally replaced with smaller cottage style homes. The population has decreased to 259 (February 2001). The purpose of the facility has changed from care and custody for the "the happiness of children" to providing active treatment for habilitation to an adult population.