Barboursville State Hospital

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Barboursville State Hospital
Established 1941
Construction Ended 1935
Opened January 20, 1942
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Barboursville, WV
Peak Patient Population 397 (1960 pop.)
Alternate Names
  • Barboursville Unit of the Weston State Hospital
  • Barboursville Unit of the Huntington State Hospital (1947)
  • Barboursville Veterans' Home


In 1941, the State of West Virginia purchased 23.76 acres of land in the Cabell County town of Barboursville. Part of that property included two buildings formerly dorms of Morris Harvey College, which had moved to Charleston in 1935 and would eventually become the University of Charleston. It would take a year to recondition these buildings and install the necessary fixtures. The hospital's original designation was the Barboursville Unit of the Weston State Hospital upon opening January 20, 1942. By August 1st of that year the hospital had reached it's capacity of 270 patients. The state soon made further renovations to accommodate 315 patients.

Renamed the Barboursville Unit of the Huntington State Hospital by the state legislature in 1947, Barboursville would also receive a new administration building and a new storage building. Finally receiving its last name during the 1949 session of the state legislature, the hospital also was appropriated a separate laundry building and renovations for the existing structures. These changes removed the last administrative functions from the dormitory buildings to the Admin Building, increasing the capacity once again to 402 beds. In 1957 further funds were designated to construct a dormitory for male employees.[1]

Since 1981, it has been home to the West Virginia Veterans Home, a facility reserved specifically for veterans in need of a convenient and comfortable home. It is designed for individuals who are ambulatory and independent in all activities of daily living. It can house 150 veterans at full capacity and is operated by a staff of approximately 50 employees.

Known Staff[edit]

Dr. Charles Hamner, MD: Superintendent, ??? - 1960
Dr. Rosito P. Abellera, MD: Superintendent, early 1970s
Dr. Raymond H. Curry, MD: Physician, early 1960s
Dr. W.D. Bourn, MD: Physician, early 1960s
Mr. Bonafacio B. Gonzalez: Clinical director, 1961 - ???
Mr. John Queen: Business Manager, early 1960s


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