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Winfield State Hospital
Winfield State Hospital
Construction Began 1888
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Peak Patient Population 1,494 in 1952
Alternate Names Kansas State Imbecile Asylum

Winfield State Hospital and Training Center

Winfield Correctional Facility

  • 1984-Winfield Pre-Release? Center opened on the grounds of the Winfield State Hospital, providing primarily pre-release programming services. The population capacity was 141 inmates.
  • 1989-Having expanded both in terms of size and facility mission, the name of the facility was changed to Winfield Correctional Facility. The population capacity was 290 inmates.
  • 1996-Winfield State Hospital closed. As a result, Winfield Correctional Facility absorbed many buildings and the infrastructure and support units from the hospital. During the transition, an additional dorm was added, increasing the capacity to 522 inmates. In September, the administrations of Winfield Correctional Facility and Wichita Work Release Facility were combined.
  • This institution was turned into a prison.