Wewoka Mission School

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Wewoka Mission School
Established 1868
Opened 1866
Closed 1930
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Wewoka, Ok
Alternate Names
  • Ramsey Mission School
  • Seminole Mission


The Seminole National Council formed in 1866, after moving to Indian Territory. Rev. James Ross Ramsey, a Presbyterian missionary, founded the Ramsey Mission (considered the first school in present Seminole County) in 1866. The mission was built north of Wewoka, the Seminole capitol. The school became Ramsey Mission School in 1880, accepting only Choctaw girls after that time. In 1889, control was turned over to the Presbyterians and the school was relocated to a new building south of Wewoka, where it became part of Mekusukey Academy and in 1900 was overtaken by the Federal Government.