Wapanucka Academy / Alan Academy

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Wapanucka Academy
Established 1852
Construction Began 1851
Construction Ended 1852 (additional level added later)
Opened 1852
Closed 1911
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location South of Bromide, OK
Architecture Style Limestone 3-level
Alternate Names
  • Allen's Academy
  • Wapanucka Institute
  • Wapanucka Female Manual Labour School
  • Chickasaw Rock Academy


In 1851–52 the Chickasaw Nation and the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church constructed Wapanucka Female Manual Labour School. The institute, named for a nearby creek, which honored the Delaware, opened in October 1852 with Rev. Hamilton Balentine. Rev. Balentine remained superintendent until he was succeeded by Rev. Charles H Wilson in 1856-1859. In 1859 Rev. Balentine returned it seems for at least 1 year. In later years, locals called the school Allen's Academy, for James S. Allen, who supervised the establishment, and later many used the name Rock Academy for the impressive stone building.

In 1860 the mission board withdrew their support, and the school closed.

During the Civil War the Confederates used the building as a hospital and a prison. After the war the academy reopened, serving male and female students. In 1883 the Post Office Department designated a Wapanucka post office for the institute.

In 1890 it became a boys' school, and in 1911 it was permanently closed and the property sold.


Near the ruins of the school is the grave of Mary C. Greenleaf, a teacher at the academy, who died in 1857.