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My name is Phil. I have always been interested in history, when I was a child in middle school I was completely fascinated with the Titanic. My interest in architecture and old buildings started a bit later, when I came across a huge abandoned shoe factory while riding my bike one day. What landed me here is a result of a few years back when I came across some photos of an abandoned building on the internet at work. From there I started exploring and that led to a deeper interest in state hospitals. I'm not completely sure why, perhaps it's the grand architecture or the fact that I wanted to know what used to go on in the buildings that I was photographing. Either way, I began to research Pennsylvania and Maryland state hospitals. I have visited many of the hospitals in both states and I have also created dedicated websites to some of them. I'm an amateur photographer, I currently shoot with a Canon 30D EOS digital SLR camera with an 18mm - 55mm Canon EF-S lens and a Sunpak 9002DX tripod. I do all my editing in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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