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Featured Article Of The Week

Concord State Hospital


From the time of the admission of the first patient, October 29, 1842, to March 31, 1886, a period of 43 years, 5 months and 2 days, 4,890 persons were admitted to the asylum and received its care. Of this number, 1,777 were "cured" and able to resume their places in society. A further 1,139 persons under care and treatment, but who did not fully recover mental health, left the institution for care in family settings. Of this class, a considerable number were convalescent on leaving, and fully recovered afterwards. The records show only 878 discharged whose diseases were not either removed or mitigated. 776 have died at the asylum since its opening. Total population of the asylum in 1916 is 960, and there are about 100 left in the various almshouses.

In hospital construction since the year 1882 the detached pavilion plan has been the favorite method of construction adopted by the trustees. The Twitchell house, the Bancroft building, the hospital building, and the new group for working patients are all detached buildings connected with the main building by long subways for the economical distribution of heat, water and electricity. In the convalescent buildings for both men and women every attempt has been made to secure the conditions of the private house and home as far as is possible.

At the farm colony an attempt has been made to establish conditions of life exactly as they exist on the ordinary New England farm. Much has been done in the culture of small fruits, in the raising of chickens and eggs, as well as the care of stock. It is to be hoped in the near future, when sufficient land is acquired in this locality, that a milk farm can be maintained. A nucleus has already been started in the building of a modern cow barn at this farm. Click here for more...