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Featured Article Of The Week

Pavilion Plan Institutions


Pavilion became a term of hospital architecture in the mid nineteenth century. It means a detached or semi-detached block or building in a hospital complex. The PAPHE glossary defines a pavilion as "a building or a main building with a block plan". However, PAPHE uses the term "Pavilion Hospital" in an extended sense for "an edifice consisting of independent buildings (completely isolated or linked to each other through open galleries), irrespective of the layout".

The first Pavilion type hospital was the Royal Herbert, on Shooters Hill Eltham, a military hospital opened on Jan 11, 1865. The second was St. Thomas' in London, which opened in 1871. These were designed on principles recommended by Florence Nightingale. The Architect of Royal Herbert being her nephew. Therefore all pavilion and corridor-pavilion types should post-date these Click here for more...