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Featured Article Of The Week

Mont Park Asylum


The Royal Park Receiving House and aligned Royal Park Mental Hospital were established at the same time as Mont Park and all sites were intended to work as an integrated system to address the classification of ‘recoverable’ from ‘chronic’insanity. The 53 acre site for the 120 bed Mental Hospital was in proximity to the 14acre site of the 40 bed Receiving House on the fringes of Royal Park, next to the Moonee Ponds Creek. If the patient was considered ‘recoverable’ after observation inthe Receiving House, a transfer was arranged to the adjoining Royal Park Mental Hospital for a maximum six month admission prior to a release back to the community. If the patient was deemed incurable or chronic, a transfer was arranged to institutions such as Mont Park.

The former Mont Park/Bundoora Psychiatric and Repatriation Hospitals Complex consisted of seven hospitals on a site of 185 hectares. The site comprising the Mont Park and Strathallen estates was consolidated by the Victorian government by purchase and transfer from the Closer Settlement Board in 1909 . The Mont Park Hospital commenced in 1910 with the building of the Farm Workers Block (later part of Kingsbury Training Centre). In 1912 the landscape gardener Hugh Linaker was employed to layout the grounds of Mont Park and other State mental hospitals. The other hospitals were gradually split off from the Mont Park administration to form separate entities. These were the Macleod Repatriation Hospital (1915), the Bundoora Repatriation Hospital (1920), the Gresswell Sanatorium (1933), Larundel Mental Hospital (1938 opened 1951), the Plenty Mental Hospital (1963) and the Kingsbury Training Centre (1974). The site under consideration consists of the former Mont Park and Plenty Hospitals. Click here for more...