Plymouth State Training School

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Plymouth State Training School
Opened 1958
Closed 1984
Demolished 1998
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Northville Twp, MI
Alternate Names Plymouth Center for Human Development


Sometimes mistakenly associated with the Wayne County Training School due to their being located across the street from one another, this was an institution for the severely retarded. It was not in Plymouth Twp, but built on Northville Twp land purchased from the Wayne County Training School, and had a six-story administration building. By 1984 the Plymouth Center was shut down by Governor Milliken after a state investigation into severe patient cruelty and a 10-week long expose by the Detroit Free Press. In January of 1997 a Livonia teenager slipped and fell off the roof of the administration building and died. This event forced local governments to finally do something with these two dilapidated institutions straddling Sheldon Road which had been abandoned for decades. By 1998 both the Plymouth Center and the Wayne County Training School were torn down. Very little ruins remain.


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