Pine Bluff State Hospital

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Pine Bluff State Hospital
Opened 1912
Closed 1977
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Salisbury, MD
Alternate Names
  • Pine Bluff Sanatorium
  • Pine Bluff Village


Originally proposed and built under the direction of Dr. George W. Todd as a Tuberculosis Sanitarium, it was one of 4 buildings at "Pine Bluff" and was also known as the Gordy Building. Today, the site known as Pine Bluff, has been subdivided into separate properties with this parcel only including the Gordy Building. Of the 4 original buildings, only the Gordy building and the Chief Medical Officers residence, which is on a separate property, remain. The facility was purchased by the State of Maryland in 1925, becoming the second state-owned health facility on the Eastern Shore and continued to operate as a Tuberculous Sanitarium until 1972.

The facility was re-purposed to serve as an annex to Deer's Head Hospital for a few years after its closing as a Sanitarium, however this was short-lived and was again repurposed to house the offices of the Maintenance of Aged in the Community (MAC) and Shore Up's daycare for the elderly. In 1975, Senator Homer White, working with the MAC program, proposed conducting a study to convert the facilities into a residential care center for the elderly. Through negotiations, a plan to create Pine Bluff Village for the Elderly was approved in 1977, however, the new plans did include renovating the Gordy Building. Today the Pine Bluff Village occupies approximately 20 acres and consists of modem, affordable residential apartment structures for the elderly.