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Asylum Projects is an editor drive web site. This means that the editors help add information to the web site, manage the website, and suggest/create new features.

On the Main Page, there are various "portals" that display information contained within the database for people to read. These portals on the Main Page that highlight articles, images, and videos within our database. These three portals are: Featured Article Of The Week, Featured Image Of The Week, and Featured Video Of The Week.

While only moderators and above can only edit the three featured portals, editors can nominate what the next upcoming featured subjects will be.

To nominate an article, image, or video: please go to the relevant section below, read the guidelines, and suggest away!

Next Featured Articles[edit]

Featured Article Nominations Guidelines[edit]

Before nominating an article as this week's article, the following must be observed before nomination:

  • Does the article contain a significant amount of information (At least more than two paragraphs of information or the equivalent.)
  • Does the article contain a filled out infobox? (The Infobox does not need to be completely filled out, but at the minimum have at least three to four pieces of information.)
  • Does the article have at a minimum of three images related to the subject of the article?
  • How is the writing/extra information look? Is there any red links/categories? Are there huge spelling/grammar mistakes? If there patently false information?

If the article points have been met, then the article can be nominated. To nominate an article, just post a link to the article in the Nomination section below:

Future Featured Article Nominations[edit]

Next Featured Images[edit]

Featured Image Nomination Guidelines[edit]

Before nominating an image as this week's image, the following must be observed before nomination:

  • Is the image of sufficient resolution (I.E. size) that the reader can get a clear look at the image? If not, can the image be rescanned at a higher resolution?
  • Is there any major imperfections in the image that would detract from the overall look of the image. (This excludes imperfections caused by age on the original non-digital image.) Is there a way to either rescan or use an image editing software to edit out the imperfections that were not caused by age. If there are imperfections caused by age, those can be ignored.
  • Is there any major tagging that detracts from the image? (This includes deep watermarks or copy write images placed prominently in the middle of the image.) Is there a copy of the image without the prominently displayed tagging or is there a way to make the tagging less prominent?
  • Is there any question as to the legality of the image?

If the image points have been met, then the image can be nominated. To nominate an image, just post a link to the article in the Nomination section below:

Future Featured Image Nominations[edit]

Next Featured Video[edit]

Future Video Nomination Guidelines[edit]

Before nominating a video as this week's video, the following must be observed before nomination:

  • What is the content of the video? Is it of a historic/current nature?
  • Does the video comply with Asylum Projects rules and guidelines? (I.E. it is not primarily an Urban Exploring video where the subject/action primarily is the act of Urban Exploring. Also, the video is not about the paranormal.)
  • Is the video hosted on either: Youtube, Google, or Vimeo?

If these points have been met, then place the suggested video (I.E. the link or the wikicode for the image below and it will become the next week's video.)

Future Featured Video Nominations[edit]

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