Kaw Indian Boarding School

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Kaw Indian Boarding School
Opened 1880
Building Style [[ ]]
Location near Washunga, OK
Alternate Names * Kaw Indians Training School
  • Washunga Indian School


The Kaw Tribe Agency was established in Washunga, OK n 1873. Soon after a boarding school was built and opened on the same grounds for the assimilation of Kaw children. The building was a four-story structure made of native stone.

In 1906 the entire original school building burnt to the ground. Newspaper at the time reported all 40 students and all staff escaping unharmed, but also reports that the structure would probably not be rebuilt because the land had already gone through the allotment process. Students were sent to a day-school for the rest of the school year in 1906. The next year, 1907, the Federal Government mandated Kaw children to attend Chillocco Indian School. However the Kaw Tribe pointed out that their contract with the Federal Government afforded them 7 more years of free schooling on their reservation and not elsewhere, so the government was forced to oblige. In 1964, the Oklahoma Corps of Engineers began the process of preparing the area to be flooded for the construction of Kaw Lake. In 1976, a portion of the already abandoned and them demolished town of Washunga was flooded. Visible now on Google Earth are only slight outlines of some of the streets.