Fairview Hospital and Training Center

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Fairview Hospital and Training Center
Construction Began 1908
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Alternate Names Oregon Fairview Home

Initial construction began with inmates from the state penitentiary in 1908. By 1926 population reached 900, mostly children and epileptics with 11 cottages, an administration building, dining hall and other facilities. The hospital also began forced sterilization after it became law in Oregon. 601 patients between 1922 and 1940 underwent the procedure. By the 1950s 2 new large units were built for patients with more severe and multiple disabilities. In the 1960s most older patients were moved to Columbia Hospital and Training Center(A former TB hospital), population peaked in 1962 at about 2700. By the 1970s negative press about mistreatment of patients and changes in laws led to lower numbers. After a federal lawsuit and decreased population, the hospital closed in 2000.