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To the best of my knowledge, "Howard State Hospital" and "Rhode Island State Hospital," though listed separately here, are the same institution.

If whomever can be credited for the "Howard State Hospital" write-up can confirm this, I would recommend renaming the title of the article "Rhode Island State Hospital," since this would be the most appropriate, catch-all name for this institution. Colloquially, the State Hospital was referred to as "Howard" in the same fashion that the Rhode Island School For The Feeble-Minded, later called Exeter School, was referred to simply as "Exeter."

"Howard" is the name of the borough the Rhode Island State Hospital (For The Insane) was built upon; or, more specifically, it was the Howard Farm. In addition to the State Hospital, the State Infirmary was also located in Howard; and, again, to the best of my knowledge, so was the State Prison and State Almshouse.

Done and welcome to the site. Feel free to gossip with like minded people in our message boards. Everything is in one place so no need for a second log in. M-Explorer 18:41, 8 July 2011 (UTC)