Baker Memorial Sanatorium

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Baker Memorial Sanatorium
Opened 1920
Closed 1981
Demolished 1989
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Robertson, AB
Alternate Names
  • Central Alberta Sanatorium


The Hospitals Act established the Central Alberta Sanatorium in December 1920. Located in Robertson, near Calgary, it provided tuberculosis treatment civilians and World War I veterans transferred from Frank Sanatorium. During the years 1942-1945 it also treated Japanese evacuees. In 1950, after the death of its first Medical Superintendent, the Sanatorium changed its name to the Baker Memorial Sanatorium.

In 1962, the Baker Memorial Sanatorium added the Baker Centre to operate as an extension of Alberta School Hospital for the treatment of mentally disabled children. In 1974 this programming extended to include mentally disabled adults. In 1975 the Centre separated administratively from the Sanatorium. The Sanatorium closed in 1980, but the Baker Centre continued to operate. By 1989, Alberta Public Works, Supply, and Services demolished the buildings, as there were no more tuberculosis patients to treat.