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Asylum Projects recognizes that some of the older institutions throughout the United States of America and the world have garnered myths and stories about supposed events, happenings, and areas. These institutions were not as public as they are today. Because of that, they became mysterious to those who have never set foot in a mental health institution. As a result, and the lack of general public knowledge of mental illness and its treatments, various myths formed that over time seem to gain enough strength to seem like facts.

Another area of mystery is the area of the paranormal (I.E. ghosts). Any building that has been around a long time and also has a long and involved history like mental health institutions will inevitably over time see the creation of ghost stories. Between workers walking through old under lit sections, to visitors who are scared of the places they visit form ghost stories. Yet, no matter how real they seem, these stories have no place within Asylum Projects.

Asylum Projects is a history based web site. Every article needs to be written from that perspective using as much established facts as possible. Sensationalistic writing will not be tolerated. This includes writing that seem to be fantastic, dark, or using a context that is outside the current and/or historical writing.

Along with our link and spam policies, paranormal links or links to sites promoting a less historical viewpoint and more sensationalistic point of view should not be added to the site and will be removed if found.