Winnebago County Asylum

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Winnebago County Asylum
Established 1865
Opened 1893 (Second Building)
Demolished 1968
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Architect(s) William Waters
Location Oshkosh, WI
Alternate Names
  • Winnebago County Asylum
  • Sunny View Sanatorium
  • Park View Health Center


The Winnebago County Asylum and Poor Farm (Workhouse) was first established with the purchase of 120 acres in section 25 and 36 in the Town of Oshkosh in 1865. It expanded over time to include 527 acres. The County Asylum (later the County Hospital) was established to care for the incurably insane. The Poor Farm, or Workhouse (later County Home), was established for those committed by a court and borders who paid their own way (generally a very small percentage of the population).

By 1870 two buildings had been constructed. A brick structure for the Poor Farm was designed by William Waters and built by Anton Nielsen in 1906 and was destroyed by fire in 1944. The brick asylum building was designed by William Waters and constructed by Joseph Webber in 1893 and torn down about 1968. A more modern building was constructed circa 1953. Many other buildings were added over the years and a large complex of structures were located on the property.

Images of the Winnebago County Asylum[edit]


A small cemetery on the grounds was used from 1888 to 1956. A total of 485 former patients are buried there.