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Joyce Ann Bennett Deputy
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116 Firebranch St.
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Columbia, SC.  29212
                                        Mount Wilson State Hospital
  My mother == SAVANNAH BLANCHE ( VAUGHN ) BENNETT== was a patient at this state hospital back in the late 50's. She was born in VA on July 21, 1921 and passed away Nov. 2, 1984 in Laurel , MD.  I am so interested in researching information about her then. She has long passed away 34 years ago from an  Anurisum to the brain. She had TB was the reason she was at Mount Wilson State Hospital and she was there for a long time. I was only 2 or 3 years old then. I am researching any kind of records the hospital kept from that time period. I don't know who or where to begin asking for information about records they kept on their patients. I am the youngest child of 10 born to her. I am the only living child left. I am 65 years old and I want desperately to know about her stay there. If there is anyone that can help me with this, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank You.

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