State Tuberculosis Sanatorium for Negroes

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State Tuberculosis Sanatorium for Negroes
Established 1935
Closed 1949
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Kerrville, TX
Alternate Names
  • Kerrville State Hospital


The Texas Locating and Building Board of the State Tuberculosis Sanatorium for Negroes was created in 1935 by the 44th Legislature (Senate Bill 467) to find a location for and to oversee the building of a tuberculosis sanatorium for African-Americans. It was composed of the Chairman of the State Board of Control, the State Health Officer, and the Superintendent of the State Tuberculosis Sanatorium. The Board of Control Chairman, Claude Teer, served as chair of the Locating and Building Board. After hearing proposals from a number of cities and towns, the sanatorium for African-Americans was built in Kerrville. Upon its completion, the sanatorium was turned over to the Board of Control and the Locating and Building Board was abolished. In 1949 the sanatorium was closed and all of its patients transferred to the East Texas State Tuberculosis Hospital in Tyler. The facility is still operating as Kerrville State Hospital