State Industrial School for Girls

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State Industrial School for Girls
Opened 1926
Closed 1989
Current Status Closed
Location Ball, LA
Alternate Names


In 1926 the State Industrial School for Girls opened in Ball, in rural Rapides Parish. In May 1989 the girls' facility in Ball closed and the program moved to Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe. The girls’ program remained at SCY for two years, and was transferred to Jetson Center for Youth in 1991. In response to the Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative enacted by the 2003 Legislature, regionalized gender-specific programs were developed for females. The girls’ program at Jetson ended in 2005, when girls were placed in group homes in their communities or contracted facilities around the state. Today, the girls’ program is housed at Ware Youth Center in Coushatta, Red River Parish, which contracts with OJJ to provide services for girls in a newly-constructed state-of-the-art facility.