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My great grandfather, William K Tucker, is listed in the 1910 census as being an inmate at Independence State Hospital in Independence, Iowa. (an asylum) Is there any way I can see his patient records? thank you.

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I'm not familiar with Iowa, but this hospital is still active so you should try to contacting them directly and going from there.

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I think it is possible, if you are the closest relative of William Tucker. A few years ago, I established my relationship with a forbear hospitalized at another Iowa asylum in the 1800's and was able to get copies of his medical records and cause of death, for a fee of $10. I suggest you call the Registrar at that facility.

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How to obtain records from Independence Hospital . . .
My great-great grandmother spent several years at Independence in the early 1900's. If you contact the Department of Human Services for the State of Iowa, they should be able to pull any records that still remain. They were able to provide me with copies of my great-great grandmother's intake records, her transcribed conversation with intake doctor, why she was admitted, other medical records, etc. She was diagnosed with paranoid dementia praecox.

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Christian Amandus Leffler records
Christian Leffler was married to my great grandmother Clarissa Jordan in maybe 1917. My Ggrandmother ended up dying of a brain tumor at my Grandmother's and we don't know much about Mr. Leffler. Could you sent me his records please. I think he died in 1939.

My name is Monica Bates and you can reach me at


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Records for Charles Smrchek
Charles Smrchek was my great grandfather and he died at the institution in 1928. His death certificate shows that he was buried at the State Hospital Cemetery which I have located on line with a map. Is there any chance there might be a legend as to which grave he is in. I see that the headstones only have numbers (some have an initial). I would appreciate any information you could give me. Thanks in advance.

Kathe Bridgham
Pomona, California

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How to get records from Independence state Hospital in Independence, Iowa
I got my grandmother's records with no problem. I went there and they sent me to records office where I got a release form for next of kin to sign. Sent it back and they sent me her records. They were very helpful. I used her records to do a series of drawings to tell her story and give her a voice. She was committed in 1941 and was there for 15 years. My drawings have touched so many people with a history of Independence.

Kathy Schumacher
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Kathy Schumacher
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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