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I have been noticing recently that some people asking for genealogical information appear to post their same message in different threads. Also I have seen some post the same message multiple times within the same thread one after another. Please keep in mind that posting your message more then once will not get it answered any faster. On top of that, doing that drowns out other people's questions or hijacks threads off topic. Plus it is considered a little rude along the same lines as writing a message in all capital letters. (I.E. shouting.)

I ask that you please keep your genealogical requests to one message and to please not hijack other threads. (I.E. posting your message into an unrelated thread like a photo thread, introduction thread, or a gossip thread.)

We are a voluntary organization. Everyone who contributes to the site is doing so on their own time. There are no paid genealogists on staff. On top of that we are not a clearinghouse for all the records of every institution listed on this site.

While we do have members who are knowledgeable of genealogy, sometimes all they can do is point you in the right direction. The vast majority of the tools they use are the same resources everyone else has. I also would like to remind our genealogical requesters to take a moment to read our Genealogical Request Guidelines as you might find your answer there.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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