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First, thank you for helping many people like me who are trying to piece together our family history.

My request involves my deceased aunt who was a patient at Middletown State Hospital in the 1950's and 60's. I am specifically looking for her psychiatric/medical records during her time there.

My memory from my early childhood is that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her 20's. While she was at Middletown, the doctors convinced my mother (her sister) that the best course of action for my aunt was to perform a partial lobotomy. I am looking for any information concerning her diagnosis and her personality before and after the lobotomy.

After witnessing the personality change in my aunt, my mother never forgave herself for allowing the operation to occur. Finding these records is important to our family history and a source of healing.

I understand the privacy rules that might need to be fought, however, I can certainly prove my direct lineage if/when it is needed.

My aunt's name is Marie Russo. She died from Hodgkin Disease during the 1970's.
Either my mother, (Mary) Hilda Bonsignore, my father William Bonsignore, or one of my uncles, Benjamin, Paul, or Frank Russo, likely signed the original papers to commit my Aunt Marie to the hospital.

I would greatly appreciate anything you could do to help me locate these records.

Karen Bonsignore

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Middletown is still an active hospital, you could try contacting them and asking who to contact for those records. New York state isn't one of the easier ones to get records from, but as a relative requesting from a active facility, it should help.

Phone: (845) 342-5511
Email: MIDOKMW@omh.state.ny.us

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Middletown State Hospital, NY Records
Looking for records with reason for admittance on great-aunt Blanche Cullen. Born 1901; died 1963 at the Middletown State Hospital. Does anyone have contact information that has been successful? Thanks!

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