my dad & his siblings were patients at orient for the feebleminded

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I am looking for records for my family. my Dad was 4 years old in 1944, the youngest of 7 kids. They were all in Orient school for the feebleminded from 1944- 1960's. In 1944 my Grandfather was in the Ohio State hospital on Broad St. Where he died at. There was always rumors of my Dads family being weathley from New York. All we know is that was Grandfather was born in Jackson, Ohio. My Dad, who is Jerry Viers, age 72, is the only living person from his family. I was wondering how to get their records & would like to know why they were there. A couple of his sisters were of age while at Orient. All but my Dad is deceased now. I have been trying to research the family, but have no luck. My Dad doesn't remember much about being there. I would like your help, to put closure & to find out as much as possible about our family. If anybody out there was at Orient at that time period please let me know. Thank you very much. Tina

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Orient school for the feeble minded was located in central Ohio. Any records that might exist would probably be accessed through the states department of mental health . It is also named Orient State Institute. I would start by contacting the Ohio department of mental health or the Pickaway county historical society to find more records. Records from that era aren't always great though. There is also a cemetery attached to the school in Pickaway County. has some records and information that might point you in the right direction from the area, at that time. I would also search the state archives here.

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Thank you so much

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trying to find my sister in law--caroline gaston
She was placed out with a family about 1970 she was about 33yr old at that time.she had 2 sisters(daisy & doris gaston and her brother leroy gaston,my husband ) all 3 of them have passed away they were in orient also I cannot find caroline.please help if anyone knows about her please

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my uncle Chickie was there
Chickie (Robert Charles Edmonds) was there in 1947 and I'm not sure when my grandparents went back and got him. I think a few years later. Chickie didnt talk much so I wouldn't know if anything happened to him. But I would like to know if any of your family members may have known Chickie.

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Orient Feeble Minded Institute Cemetery
The Cemetery is sitting right in the middle of the Orient Prison Grounds. I recently tried to photograph some headstones for family members. Needless to say the guards were right on me and I was asked to leave. Apparently, you are not allowed to photograph any area of Prison Property.

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My Aunt, Ida Marlett (e)
My mother's sister,Ida Marlett(e), lived at Orient State Institute in 1967 when my mother died. I don't know when she was placed there by her elderly father, but I know he was no ,on germs able to care for her. She had learning get disabilities as well as some physical disabilities as well. I know she was in her mid to late 50s in the late 60s. But when my mother died my father took me to live in Arizona and contact with her was lost by my family. I have no idea when she died but I assume she was buried in the Institute's cemetary. Can anyone help me with info on when it closed and how to obtain records on her length of stay and her death record? And is the facility now a prison? Thank anyone for assistance. Martha Parsons Tyler, So Cal

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For some reason this place is pretty much a secret ,you can't find any information on it not even a photo

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John "Johnny" Kotwis, Jr. Born 01-01-1926 and died 1950
I am looking to find information and a photograph of John "Johnny" Kotwis,Jr. He was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. I do not know the year his parents institutionalized him at The Orient State School Orient, Ohio. I do have a letter from C. C. Kirk, M.D., Superintendent in 1950. It states: Dear Mr. Kotwis: This is to advise you that John has been hospitalized. He has been showing continued gradual mental and physical deterioration. It is doubtful if he can long survive. Yours truly, C. C. Kirk, M. D. Superintendent. I am looking to find any information regarding the years he would have been institutionalized as well as a photograph. The picture on his headstone has deteriorated. I am looking to replace the photograph. I am also looking for the information to post on the family tree site on Anyone having any information from the 1930-1950's would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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John "Johnny" Kotwis, Jr. Born 01-01-1926 and died 1950
My email to the prior post is: should anyone be able to email me directly. Thank You!

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A 3rd great aunt of mine was there during the 1920 census, I've found out recently. I was also able to find a photograph someone had posted of the building in its heyday.

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Also just found this

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