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I have been conducting a genelogy search of Fay family in Michigan. Fred Fay was a resident
there in about 1900. He was adopted by Wesley Fay family of Eaton County Mich. His last name
may not be Fay..but his adopted name. Only other information I have is that he was from Canada.
His birth date was 1884. Appreciate any information may have..

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In the 1900 Fed Census Fred C Fay (born May 1884) is listed as an adopted son of Wesley C. & Mary J. Fay. Wesley was a farmer and Fred is listed as "at school" as his occupation. Fred's birthplace is listed as "Canada from Coldwater Home". It appears he wasn't living at the Coldwater Home at that time. Unfortunately he doesn't appear in any census records after that or other records online for that matter. Since the home operated as an orphanage at that time, I couldn't tell you who would have those records if they exist. There is a chance they are with the state archives.

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He probably reverted to using his original last name or moved back to Canada. Canadian census information can be found here You might try posting an info request to them to see if they can find Mr. Fay in Canada at that time. I am not sure how far the Canadian census's go back though. phone numbers are 1-800-263-1136 or 613-951-8116. If you check the census's prior to his being adopted you might be able to get a birth name (that might be a shot in the dark though)

1911 Canadian Census can be found here. (note: This census survey is not searchable by family name so this could make this a bit tougher.)
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Looking for information on John McDonald.
I found him in the census while he was a resident at the Coldwater orphanage but am trying to find out how long he was there. Taken in by the Norton's to work the farm. He was my grandfather. Judy Strunk

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Elba Aguilar
Elba Aguilar Female at the age of three years of age was placed by the State in Coldwater Institution in Coldwater Michigan. I don't know if she was there before she was three. But I do know that she was placed in a foster home of Norman and June Tefft, in Fowlerville,Michigan,She is now 65 yrs old and is trying to find her sister Susan Aguilar. Susan was also at one time placed in Coldwater. At the same institution.

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