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Wednesday, July 13, 2016
I am looking for information on my Grandmother, Anabel Crawford, who was institutionalized at Norwalk State Hospital, Norwalk, Ca in approximately 1934/1936. I have little information regarding her time there except that she was in a state hospital for 18 years and was released in 1952/1954. She was also at a state hospital in Modesto, Ca. near the time of her release. She was released to my mother, Glena Faye Bartholomew. Any information or records you may have would be appreciated.
My name is Wanda Jo Russo,

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78 years ago...
Joe (Guiseppe) Trovato was taken to Agnews Insane Asylum in Santa Clara California, and died 2 days later.(July 3, 1938) His daughter was 8 yrs old at the time, and now at age 86 she still doesn't know what happened/what he died of. She seeks closure in any help that anyone may be able to provide...
many, many thanks,

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Turchyn, peter
Looking for information of Peter Turchyn at Saskatchewan Hospital for the Insane.

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Quote: Sun 22nd 5:50 pm
Looking for information about Cheryl Jolls (sometimes spelled Joles), patient at St. Lawrence State during late 60's and/or early 70's.

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Whitney, Dora Rosa Wurst, patient at Buffalo State Hospital, NY
Dora Whitney was my great grandmother (1870 - 1910). I know she was in the Buffalo State Psychiatric Hospital - she was listed in the 1910 Federal Census as a patient. She died in that year sometime after the census was taken. I don't if my great grandmother died in the hospital or at home. Neither do I know what was the cause of her death. Can anyone suggest a way, if possible, to get her medical records, please? Have you ever come across Dora Rosa Wurst Whitney in your studies? She was married to Ora Ralph Whitney, had 4 children and lived in Holland, NY. Any help would be very appreciated. Alison

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She was released as cured a year later on January 29, 1971. Her present status is unknown.
Quote: Sun 22nd 5:50 pm
Looking for information about Cheryl Jolls (sometimes spelled Joles), patient at St. Lawrence State during late 60's and/or early 70's.

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Muriel Brown Trenton State hospital
My fathers sister was there somewhere between 1953- I dont know if she ever got out!. I don't know how to find info about her. Please help.

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I'm looking for info on my cousin Anna Toth she had a twin can't remember his name they were there in the 50's. I'm 74 so I'm going by what I can remember their fathers name was Joseph Toth mothers I think was Josephine Toth. All of my family members are deceased except me so there is no one to ask.

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IAny info
I am looking for any information on Patricia Long, who died in the fire at the Huntington State Mental Hospital. I seen her death Cert. Any information on her mom, which was Myrel Long, which would of been my great grandma! contact me at

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im am looking for a patient
I am looking for a patient named Josephine Guastaferro who was at the facility in 1998 may contact email is

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Post regarding my grandfather's 3 wife who ..
.. worked in Kankakee in the 1930. It is my understanding that she was a cook. Her husband, My grandfather..Thomas P. Russell Sr. died in May of 1930, my step grandmother had to leave and find work . She had a son to feed and care for. It is my understanding she did get a job in your kitchen and worked there for some time. Her name was Isabelle Lockie Russell. She had a son with my grandfather named William Elles Russell..born Nov of 1914. She, at this point, simply disappeared until I found her through one of her relatives..From there we reached her family and am working on our families in genealogy. All I want to know is, do you have a record of her employment.. from that all I want to know are the years..1930 to the year of her departure. Thank you..Sue Philipak, genealogist for the Russell family.

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Rose Groves Krake
Hi. I'm searching for information on my great grandmother Rose Groves Krake who was said to be at Agnews in the 1920s. The children didn't know she was alive still and I'd like to know when and how long she was there and how she died or any information you have. She is buried in Monterey, CA.

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Laura Brooker
My Grandmother Laura Brooker is believed to have been a nurse at Wandsworth Asylum at the beginning of the 20th century. How can I confirm if this true? The 1901 census indicates a Laurie Brooker, which I think to e an error! BT

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Jane Beverly pankey
I m looking for information on my mother who was a patient at Weston mental Asylum in 1947
She was pregnant with me and my father had her moved to the regular hospital for ne to be born
Then after I was born she was moved back into the aslyum I never saw her until I was two years old
Her name was Jane Beverly pankey

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Mary Seller
I am looking for information on my husband's grandmother Mary Seller she is listed on the burial plake of Brandon mental health center cemetery north. We were unable to find any information

after she got off the ship in Quebec Canada 1923 so we are not sure if this is the right person we would really like to know how she wound up in Brandon mental health center?


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Looking for information about Mary Lara Gutierrez
in either Camarillo or Agnew State Hospitals. She may have been in either one in the 1940s or 1950s. She was married to John Gutierrez but might have been divorced from him by the time she was committed.

Please contact me with any information at

Thank You

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Trying to find former patient at Nebraska Inst for Feeble Minded
My great Aunt, Maggie Depue, had a son named Eugene Clark Depue. I have a census report that he was in the Nebraska Inst for Feeble Minded in 1940 at age 24. I would like any information you may have on Eugene and possibly his brother Harry Depue who would have 18 in 1940.

Mary Mayer

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