I have old medical records from St. Vincent's, St. Louis, Mo.

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Medical records
I, too, had a mother admitted there in October 1975 - Her name was Carol Kelley Stodghill and her DOB was 2-15-22. Any one know how I can get her medical records? I remember it as a horrible place - the orderly beat my mother because she sisn't want to go into the "quiet room" I was 15 at the time. Shortly after we moved her from here to Jewish Hospital she died.

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I think it's safe to say the original poster is long gone. That said, this asylum was run by the the Catholic Diocese, so record keeping wasn't the same as a state-run institution. The Missouri History Museum has some old records, according to their site, but doesn't look like much.
Records of Saint Vincent's Institution for the Insane

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I read the latest entry from Apr. 9, 2014, stating the original person who started this page is no longer around. I still have a little hope that maybe someone might have records on patients during 1940s-1980s before it was closed. If you do, will you please repost because I have a great-grandmother who stayed there for decades, as far as I know she was there until the end. I have one living relative on that side of the family and she has no idea so, any help would be greatly appreciated! I have contacted Daughter of Charity archival dept., the hospital that someone said records were transferred to (they were not), St. Louis genealogists pages, sent emails, and my hope is dwindling. Thanks!

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can u please email the records

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Looking for records from 1965-71
anyone in possession of or know where I might be able to procure these records?

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city hospital?
I am researching my great-grandfather, John M. Meden He was hospitalized in 1911, and as far as I know died in the asylum in 1923. I would love to find his records. Any suggestions?

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To: Jan 29th 2012 post...Do you happen to have any hospital records from 1905-1908?

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Hello there, sir. I was a pa

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I was a patient at st.Vincent's hospital in 1974 and 1975 and would really like to know if you could point me in the directions of my medical records. I have a service connected disability claim going on and I need these records to proceed foward can anyone please help, thanks.

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Seeking Information...
I was at St. Vincent's sometime between 1964 - 1969. I was a child who could not read or tell time due to being so young. Can anyone tell me where to find records for that time period, as I would like to know why I was there, and who put me there. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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How would I find out if my brother was at this one..his name was Paul anthony Dobbs his birth yr 1951

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