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I am looking for info regarding The Rome State School & Asylum, & any possible improprieties there. I have been researching the cross family in the Mohawk valley area, & have many concerns. It is my understanding that Mrs. Cross had her daughter, Muriel Cross-Ostrander, committed there back in the late 30’s/early 40’s supposedly due to promiscuity (she turned up pregnant sometime after her 1st husband had died). Apparently, she, & Muriel’s eldest daughter, Mary, were both housed there, and her youngest child was then raised by the grandmother. What’s especially odd is that some of the other Cross children seem to have disappeared, are unaccounted for, and I cannot seem to find any death notice or death certificate on them. Apparently, it was an abusive family, and the remaining children/grandchildren would not speak much of their past, nor were they allowed to ask questions-which only deepened the mysteries. Could you please give me any information you can on Asylum resident Muriel Cross-Ostrander, her daughter Mary Ostrander, and any other possible “Cross” relatives that may have been “housed” there; such as, Doris, Vivian, Ruth, or Kenneth Cross. Thank You.

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Unfortunately getting specific information on patients when you are not a direct family member is almost impossible unless it is part of the public record. (In many cases it's darn hard even when you are family.) All records from the Rome state school that exist would probably be housed at the New York office of Mental Health [1]. You might also try the www.disabilitymuseum.org website to see if their is contact information for a conservator of the records. Mostly you will find acquiring records very hard though as HIPAA rules added special protections for the records of people housed in mental health facilities. Those new rules protect the patients confidentiality even if they are dead and may make it impossible to find direct records for what you are seeking. Records are probably going to be few and far between on specific patients as well as the facility closed in 1988 or 1989. 505 N George St. Rome, NY 13440 (315) 336-7750 This is the current address and phone number for the Rome Developmental Center in Rome NY, but again I make no promises that their are any old records still held there. As far as I know this may not even be the same facility as the older Rome State School.
Best of luck!

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In my research of my family tree, I found out I had an aunt that died at Rome State School at age 22. I`m trying to find out why she was there and how she died.Her name was Lottie Magdeline Conlin,She died on April 14th 1949. If anyone has any info please let me know. My email is sbink1551.kipp@gmail.com

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Rome State School.
I am looking for information on my grandmother and mother who were both inmates at Rome state school, in the 1930's and 1940's. Does anyone know of any one who may have been an inmate or worked there at that time/

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Looking for information on Bertha
I am looking for information on an inmate of a woman named Betha who was housed at the Rome State School in R Building. I do not know her last name and am not sure when she arrived there but she was there in the 1960s. Betha survived an attack in which her husband stuck her in the head with an axe. She had been a teacher. I would appreciate any information about her. Thank you.

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Marcy state Hospital, Marcy NY
I am looking for information on where the records from this mental hospital may be housed since now it is Marcy Corrections.

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Rome State School
My mother Beverly Joan McCall was sent to Rome State School as a teenager. My mother told me stories of how awful everyone was treated. Family members who went to visit witnessed the abuse n saw stuff that made a few never return to visit my mother. My mother was never adopted. Mom was told by her mother that she would come back for her. Grandma never did n never visited my mother. The story she tells is a Dr. Web(Im not sure if doctor worked at the state school) gave her permission to leave. Not sure if this is true. My mother was n still is a very ugly person to me/others n her life. Im sure spending time n the school didnt help but I believe mental illness plays a big part n her behavior to me as a child n now as an adult. Im her caregiver now during her dying days. Its hard. Im trying to find out if possible to get records about my mother??? Thanks for any information given....

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