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Unfortunately there has been no update about obtaining records from Danvers. The Department of Mental Health is the only one I know of that has any answers.

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Looking for Betty Jean Hayden
My bio mom was in Danvers 1975 or 76 not sure. My dad never talked about her. I was born in 1970 and my sister Tracy was born in 1972. She left when I was 3years old.My dad took me for a final visit during her time in Danvers. She had a little girl about 1 1/2 years older than me who would be my 1/2 sister. She was never married to my dad and signed my birth certificate with his last name Melanson. She was actually married while she carried some sort of relationship with my dad giving him 2 daughters.Hayden is most likely her married name not maiden.She was born in Norwich, Ct in either 1945 or 46. But that's all I know of her.If anyone has any info please reach out. Thank you! Linda 978-457-9585 ljoc321@aol.com or sdoc321@aol.com

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Quote: Mon 31st 3:36 pm
I'm looking for a place I might be able to get records of my g grandfather who was a patient there.

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Looking for information of Patient there on and off from 1944 and died in 1
Looking for any information on Elizabeth Betty or Betsy Jordan Colucci born 1920 and in Rockland State Hospital on and off from 1944 through 1969. She gave birth in 1943 and twins in 1944 and dien in 1969 the best I know.

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Sarah eustace
An patient who escaped her ward and supposed to be was in tunnels. She was never seen again. A nurse kept looking for her body or waste but she just snip a photo of tunnels showing an dark shadow supposed to belong to sarah eustace

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Is it possible to get records for my brother who lived at wretham state school from 1958 till his death in 1971? His name is Robert James Gilbert dob 4/29/1955. I can be reached at mgilbert61158@ Comcast.net

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looking for my grandmother's medical records. She was in State Hospital for Nervous diseases/Haskill 48's.county. She was there sometime between the late 20's thru the 40;s. There is mental illiness in my family and would like to know her diagnosis. Thank you

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Danvers State Hospital
I have not been there for a few years, but the Massachusetts State Archives on Morrissey BLVD (behind UMass Boston) had a patient card file which is open to anyone and the actual patient records, which probably need a court order for access.

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patient/relative inguiry
My name is Tammy Calvert Harris and I live in the CrowsNest Pass, Alberta Canada.I am looking for information on William Thomas Calvert(1894-1903,he died in the Winfield State Hospital.Thank You for your help.

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Joseph P. Cook
Searching for records of Joseph P. Cook, who was a patient at the Danvers State Hospital from circa 1918 to 1958. Any thoughts?

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Looking for records related to Joseph Padden
Looking for a family member, Joseph Padden who was committed to the asylum as a boy in about 1918.by his father Michael Padden.

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charles eldridge
did mr. Charles eldridge work at Wrentham hospital....researching grandfather that lived with the eldridges

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My name is Julie Chaffee and I am looking for any information on myrtle Thompson.the 1935/1940 census places her in Clarinda. For a long period of time. I am familiar with Clarinda because my grandfather (myrtle )passed away there in 1980.i did not no before yesterday that she even existed and I would like to no why,i also would just like to no about her,

Thank you for your time,julie Chaffee from Carlisle,iowa435 north 1st.str..5153184484

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Alton State Hospital patient records
I'm seeking individual patient records. I was told on ancestry that a family member was a resident at this facility.
I understand the process of proving relationship, but not sure where, how to submit request.
Please advise.

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I am seeking help by either having people who have had experiences with Danvers, yes that even means if you were a child and your grandparent was in it, or someone who was actually in it would be able to talk. I would like to do interviews even if it is simply over email. I want to understand how the asylum effected families and the conflicts that happen because of Danvers. The whole reason for this is because I am doing a High School project for National History Day. If you believe you could be of any help to me please email me at sharky0707@yahoo.com any information that you believe would be useful is welcome.
Thank you for your time.

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French Canadian Granmother
Looking for any info or leads on Marie Anne Gaouette or Couette. Born in Canada. Married Leo Joyal. Lived in Holyoke Mass and had 4 Children. She was institutionalized as "religious mania". I am sure she was psychotic or severe manic depressive. Please contact,e at 410-419-0313 and leave meesage. She is my grandmother and I am intersested in background n her life.
Tina Woods

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Quote: Mon 17th 8:23 pm

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