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I worked at Hawthorned between 1965 and 1969 As manager of the linen and laundry service. I remember the tunnels well as we used them in the winter time. Summer was too hot to walk in them. I really enjoyed working there. My wife worked there also. The building is no longer there but the steps remain. leading to the main door.

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Family History Research
My grandfather was committed to Sagamore Hills sometime around 1920 or earlier. I am wondering if it is possible to learn more about what kind of facility it was at that time and where the records of people confined there might be. He died around 1947 and from what I understand he spent the rest of his life at Sagamore Hills.

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worked there
I worked there for about 8 years from 1972 to 1979, ruffly. Started in the personnel office with Mr Lloyd, he was a strange dude. Then moved to the wards/units, first shift, then to the third shift where I started college during the day, and could study at night. My last position was the third shift assistant supervisor. Certainly saw lots of stuff. But overall it was ok. they paid for my college.

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Hi I have a friend that was in the institution
Quote:Rudyj58 Tue 25th 6:49 pm
Quote:Sagamore Tue 19th 2:05 am

I'm a history buff and become interested in learning about the history of the old Hawthornden State Hospital in Sagamore Hills, Ohio. I'm especially interested in old grounds of the facility and how it was being used back when it was known as Hawthornden and then as Western Reserve. Much of the surrounding area is wooded and the remains of old buildings, roads, and pathways throughout the property.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could point to towards books, articles or people I could speak with about this facility.



Hi John,
I have worked at the hospital for the past 29 years and also have a webpage about and called the History of Akron & Summit County. Akronhistory.org akronhistory/facebook.com
Currently I am working on a history of the hospital. I am still in the research stages but so far I have collected many pictures, maps, and other information including a couple of histories through the '50s/'60s. Once I have completed a current history, I'll post it on my blog (akronhistory.org/blog) then come back on here and let you and the others know.

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Hi I have a friend that was in the institution that would be willing to talk with you about the place

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Hello my name is Linda and I am 64 years old I was adopted when I was 8 I met my real grandfather 1 week before he passed away this was around 1976-1977 he told me my real mother was there. I need to know if she is still alive or even the hospital still can anyone please help me
                         Thank you in advance Linda

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just asking
Quote: Tue 14th 5:18 pm
I am 60 years old and I was told 30 some years that my birth mother was pleased there. Just wondering how I find out.

I am 64 and I was told my birth mother was here as well and trying to find out some information for years. Also trying to find some information on my 1/2 sister a couple years younger then.

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Worked there in 1974-76
I was part of two special departments that were formed as the result of a court injunction. It was interesting in that this court injunction was the result of a federal lawsuit instigated by some of the more progressive (radical?) staff on behalf of the residents there. Essentially the suit claimed that incarcerating people without treatment and without any legal charges was against the constitution. One of the departments (mine) was charged with educating staff and insuring the initiation of real treatment regimines. The other department was charged with the evaluation of treatment programming. I eventually finished my graduate degree and moved on to jobs in industry and out of the MH field. Was never sure how all this turned out for Hawthorndon / Western Reserve. I have not been back in Ohio for any length of time since 1979. Its funny, I found this thread as I sit here in 2017 in a hotel near the old place. Am planning to go looking for it tomorrow.

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Hawthorneden Mental Institution
Hi John,

My name is Donna and I was a patient in Hawthorneden State from 1973 till 1982 when it became Westrn Reserve and what those people that worked there told you about them treating the patients good is a bunch of bull-sqawt cause if we got treated right then how come I WALKED in there in 1973 and came rolling out in a wheelchair in 1982?

P.S. if you want to know more my phone no. is419-775-5353 and my e-mail address is comella 640@aol.com

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