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Quote:Lsstuhler Wed 24th 9:54 pm
Dear Mr. Brothers, You have done a great job! Thank you for all your hard work. I have a lot to offer for people wanting to find more information on Willard State Hospital, including names of patients from the U.S. Federal Census, but I must admit that I can't figure out how to add info and I don't want to erase someone else's work. Anyway, great job! Sincerely, Linda S. Stuhler

Thank you very much. Though, AP couldn't have gotten where it is now without the help and involvement of the community.

As far as adding information, AP operates the same as Wikipedia. Once you get to the article you want to edit, you can either A) edit the entire page by selecting the edit tab at the top of the page or B) selecting the edit tabs of the individual sections you want to edit. After that, you will be presented with an edit window. There you can add whatever information you want to add. (Hint: if you're not sure how to format what you need to format, take a look at what has been already created for answers, or come here to ask.) Once you are done adding your information, just hit save. It's just that simple.

Though, if things seem slow its due to our servers, its not your computer. Just be patient and it will go through.

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Asylum Projects
Dear Mr. Brothers, I added your website link to my blog because it is a wonderful resource that will help many people! Thank you!

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Update for the lincoln state hospital in Nebraska
The Lincoln State Hospital in Lincoln, NE aka the Haunted Insane Asylum, has been bulldozed down..not sure when exactly but I went back for a visit and its completely gone now.

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trying to find out when father was institutionalized at the Newark state school, my Mother was also there and I was born in this facility

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kentucky house of reform
i would like to talk with someone who was at the kentucky house of reform around 1956

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Looking for Info on Laurenton State Hospital, Laurelton, PA
Looking for information about the records of a certain patient in the 50's - 60's. The school closed in 1984.
Thanks if anyone knows where the records can be found.

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Retirement for employee
My aunt worked for 13 years at Appalachian Hall. I located a letter from the hospital stating that she was eligible for a pension. How do I help her locate a way for her to apply??

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whatever information that can be shared for my paternal uncle hubert l pere
my Uncle Hubert was born in Dilley Tx in 1913. He developed status epilepticus at about the age of puberty according to my grandmother. He became an inmate of the Abilene State Hospital for epileptics between the years of 1925 and and 1930. He remained there until he was transferred to a facility in Big Spring TX. According to his death certificate he had been in a San Antonio state facility before his death in San Antonio in the middle 1960s. I do not know what to ask for because I do not know what is available or possible to share.It would wonderful to have pictures/stories of his life. I am a retired public school speech/language pathologist so I would assume progress notes were kept. I was also told that it was many years before medications were developed that would help him. His life was very tragic His father died at 28 with t.b. His mother took him and his brother to live with his maternal grandparents in Dilley (from Laredo TX) after 1921 as she had few employable skills and could not support them. As far as I know he was there until the onset of severe/frequent epileptic seizures. I will gladly furnish whatever information you need from me. His mother was Lois Ethel Cavender Pereira and his father was Hubert Lampman Pereira Sr. My fathers name was Melvin Cavender Pereira and my name is Melvileen Z. Pereira Klein. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Looking for info on family members who died in asylums. In Waupaca, WI great great grandfather, David VanSlate died in 1920. Would like to know where they buried him. Also in Sedro Woolley, Washington, great grandmother died. Gravemarkers with just initials and numbers were put in Mount Vernon cemetary. I read there is a group trying to identify each individual and replace it with a real headstone with their name. Anyone know about any of this?

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touring "retired asylums" in wisconsin
Greetings, I would like informatin on "retired asylums" I could tour with a very small group of history fans (6), any information would be great.

thank you for your time

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Trying to locate death records
My Great grandfmothers last known address was in HArlem Valley psychiatric hospital in 1940. she had previously been at Wards island Psychiatric institution also in NY. she spent a good part of her adult life institutionalized . Having a hard time locating the date of her death of what became of her after 1940. I have searched general records on a genealogy site but have had no luck

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Help pls
Hi I'm looking for any information about my nan who died at knowle hospital fareham are u able to help? Please email many thanks

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