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Employment Records
I worked at the Cols State Institute from 89/69 to 6/70 and from 5/72 to 5/74. My Social Security Statement does not show me working during this period. Any ideas of who to contact to research this?

When was it torn down and what happened to all of the residents?

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Commitment records
Does anyone know what happened to the patient records? I thought I looked through something online and found my gt uncle's name who died in 1915. Now it is not available.

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Curious on having conversations with patients that were there in 1969
Quote: Fri 16th 7:29 pm
I was a patient at Columbus State Hospital and/or lived in Family Care Homes as an outpatient from 1964 through 1969. When I returned back to Columbus to visit the hospital, the building had been torn down. I was devastated as my experiences during my time there created a great impact on my life. I would like to do some writing and/or artwork about my association with the hospital, staff, and patients. I am beginning to research the hospital and would appreciate getting in touch with anyone who has information in this regard.

My Birth Mother was a patient there. I am very curious as to things that actually happened there. For Obvious reasons I wont mention what my non identifying information says so I would like to atleast email back and forth.

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Does anyone know where the records are? I have a death cert for a possible relative that was there and died there in 1910. I would like to know more about him...

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Quote:Columbus State Hospital Fri 21st 8:32 pm
My name is Gary and I am an local historian on the old Columbus State Hospital that was located here in Columbus, Ohio. I am also a collector of memorabilia of the hospital also. I enjoy talking about the hospital and sharing my collection with those who are interested in the past history. It is a shame that the hospital was torn down, there is only one building left from the original Asylum.


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Quote: Fri 1st 10:39 pm
Where were the patients buried? Her children were in California. I imagine she was buried in Columbus. Any suggestions?


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Need contact with any employees or a historian that can help me with events
from 1968/69. My email is I am in desperate need of impossible information and need guidance or someone that worked there during this time frame. Thanks!

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This thread is still relevant hopefully, but here are some pictures I came across online. That were presumably taken before its demolition.



It's a damn shame they took away all the beautiful architectural details of the building. It's also kind of strange seeing the buildings in such high resolution, I'm used to seeing them in drawn pictures, or post cards. Know what I mean?

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Cool pics. I know what you mean, it's interesting to see more recent photos. Seems like most of the Kirkbride's lost architectural details/decorations as they aged.

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Quote:WSH Thu 18th 2:54 pm
Cool pics. I know what you mean, it's interesting to see more recent photos. Seems like most of the Kirkbride's lost architectural details/decorations as they aged.

If you even look at the decorative windows, you can see that some of the glass panes are missing. It seems like the state of Ohio really didn't care about their buildings.

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I spent 4 months there in early 70's
The inside walls were around 2.5 feet thick. I consider that my time there was spent in hell. Dr. Castsetter (spelled wrong but he had 3 t's in his name) Biggest non-caring guy you would ever meet.
I was first placed in one of the general young men wards. I even had a room to myself and a lot of freedom to go down to the commissary and get free Cardinal tobacco which always had a little extra (bugs).
Dr Castsetter saw his patents all at one time in order to fill his state required patent time.
They would gather up his 12 patents on the ward into a room and he would ask us if we had anything to say. These meetings lasted about 15 minutes and the saddest part is some of the guys really thought he would help them. They would tell him a woeful tale and he would not say words but just grunt a response. He had no interest or use for these bi weekly visits.
That part of the time in there was ok. One night I decided to go to the bathroom around 11:00 pm. It was after lights out and I was bored.
The night nurse told me to go back to my room but I was young and self willed so I kept on going down the hall way. She was old and self willed and had a bunch of orderlies on call to back her will up.
Four big ass burly guys came down the hall and grabbed me right up and shot some ungodly amount of Thorazine in my butt. I passed out for two days and woke up in the center hell of the hospital in one of the 4 to 6 open cells in the center of the ward. (I no longer remember how many cages there were there but I was in one of them. No mats because they took them away a few weeks earlier when one of the patents set it on fire and burned himself on it. There was a 5 gallon plastic bucket with a crack down the side of it for a toilet and through out the night the sound of other patents screaming.
No one beat me or mistreated in my entire visit to hell but the extream bare out of control behavior of the other patents was very disturbing.
I was very subdued from both the increased dosages of Thorazine and the predicament I placed myself in. The cage, the raw hell around me and the unknown amount of time I would spend there.

Lucky for me that part of hell only lasted a few days. Since I was in a open cage I could see some what into the hallways. The head warder a retired marine had a girl friend from another ward come up to visit him one night. One of the young patents was severely brain damaged and would not wear cloths and constantly masturbated. I could see the head ward and his girlfriend go into the brain damaged kids cell and heard cooing from the woman he had with him before they took the young man to who knows where and for whatever reason.
That was a real wake up call for me. It smelled like hell, it looked like hell and it really acted like hell.
I straitened my little problems right out. They were nothing and I wanted the heck out.

(to be continued)

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My time in hell continued
They let me out of the cage after a few days for my very own little special lock up 6x8 room. I was even allowed visitation to the day room such as it was. Think here of picture puzzles of 100 out of 300 pieces, magazines with half the pages ripped out week old ripped up news papers and a wall hung 15 inch tv playing soap operas with the volume turned up so high it hurts your ears. They gave me the cloths of my choice from a pile of mostly short fat men pants that I had to hold up or tie the belt loops together with pieces of string and nasty fat men shirts with buttons missing. I was 20 years old 6 foot and skinny but now with the crappy pants and Thorazine facial look fit right in with every one else there.
The first visit to the ward dining room was quite a shock, there was crying, institutional food flying and the smell of raw sickness.
This ward, whatever it was, they kept completely isolated from the rest of the hospital.
The good news is that now I had DR. Castsetter all to my self for his bi weekly visits.
The bad news is he only grunted as I begged to be let out of there to any other ward.
I was stuck in my own little hell.
The nurse with the pills had them on a cart and wheeled them around the ward 3 times a day. (it might have been two times a day but looking back it feels like it was least 6 times a day)

For many years after, I would run into people on the street of Columbus, that I shared my few months of life with in the Columbus State Hospital, but sadly they were just as messed up as when they were in our little nightmare home together.

Interesting enough is that I took on a HVAC job after they let me out and one of our contract customers was the State Hospital and I went down to the AD MIN wing and asked for my records. They refused to let me have them but I never followed up on it. I did not care that much to get them and I was only there because of my job.

(to be continued)

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When I first admitted myself with my parents help, I had marked up my forehead with a rainbow of color marker ink. I was Jesus, no not Jesus but a prophet of God. I had met God when I went into the woods on a week long quest to confront a horrible self aspect that was out to destroy me.
I had no control on myself and even though I would know better and tell myself not to do this or that, I would do it anyway. I could not help myself no matter what and only did self destructive things. I was compulsive and out of any control.
I was, what is known locally, as nuts.
I decided it was time to confront the demon inside me that was destroying me.
After a few alone nights in a derrick cabin in North Ohio farm country I heard a loud screech and went out as a warrior to fight. Instead I found the presence of my father in the woods and he showered the emotion of how proud he was of me with love.
I realized that to cut out the demon in oneself you cut out the self also.
I asked my father, at this point God, what this meant and felt the answer "prophet"
So when i got back to my home in Columbus I told my parents that I was a prophet of God and well, as you can imagine they took it as any parent would of a kid that in the past had tried to kill himself about 10 times.
So being a bit full of myself I covered my head with rainbow and off to the State Hospital with my parents in tow I went. Kinda, they took me in really, but I never kicked or screamed, I confronted my fate like a man. I confronted my demons and then confronted my fate like a man.
Second day on the ward a young black guy wanted me to comb his hair, he wanted me to be his bitch. I declined. I met King David there. He wanted to bed me, he ended up with a necrophilia guy that I caught a glimpse of when they were in bed together that looked more like a woman then any woman I had ever seen by the look on his face.
I met a guy that was saving the world by cussing God out and protecting us from God's wrath. He cussed God all his wakening hours.
I met many people that thought they were in heaven because the floors there had brass strips buried in them and looked like "the gold streets of heaven" to them.
I met many people that wanted to be healed of their mind problems there.
I met killers from the criminally insane jails that were released to the normal state hospital.

I met myself and damned if I wanted to be there any more, I finally became a normal guy.

(to be continued)

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My time in hell, straiting my butt out, continued
So after enduring endless time in the hell hole inside the general hell of the State hospital, Dr. Castsetter finally let me out of the hell hole after a month. I had really learned a lesson in life. This lesson is known as STFU, I did. I got my brother to bring me cloths that fit so I would not look like I belonged there anymore.
The good doctor put me on a general ward with older male adults and geriatric patients.
I got to go down to the cafeteria with everybody else again.
The real scary thing on this new ward is that all the inmates that have been on other wards for much of their lives get to go down the stairs ahead of us. Their faces are frozen from the drugs they get daily and you just know there is no being freed ever for them from an institution.
They are old, shuffle not walk, and look more like zombies. This is the end for them. I worry if the good doctor will ever let me go.
I was hoping that I soon going home at last. Seeing these zombies was not a good sign for my future My younger brother was the only member of my family to ever visit.
Not my parents, not my two other brothers.
It was the State Hospital and the others wanted nothing to do with me or it.

(to be continued)

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Life in hell is turning around.
So my little brother brings me some spending money and now I get to go to the commissary like any normal human being. The cherry milkshakes are good. The State of Ohio, a few weeks ago busted someone bringing a million dollars worth of smokes into the state without a tax stamp on them and I can get a deceit smoke again for free.
Life is good and they say I can get out in a few weeks.
Free at last.
Then as things are going great, they bring in an old guy that has no idea why he has to be there.
He is in his late sixties and it is obvious that his family is just dumping him in order not to have to pay for a nursing home. I am in a shared room and they are putting him with me and he is having no any part of it.
He is resisting and tells the orderly he wants to go home but the orderly is taking no crap from anybody.
The ass hole orderly pushes the old man to the ground in front of me but the guy gets back up and the ass hole orderly hits him with his fist.
I want more then anything to jump in and protect the old guy but....
I sell out my very soul because I just want out of there.
I have STFU and now I have sold my soul to not be there any more.

A few weeks latter when they let me out, they give me an open ended prescription to Thorazine and told me to check in to community health clinic of my choosing. They made a big deal about taking the pills every day or I will be right back there if I do not.
I threw out the prescription and checked in nowhere but a job my older brother offered me.

Went through a divorce 19 years ago. Have a 28 year old daughter I support with words, money and love. I have been gainfully working for the past 40 something years and remarried for the past 15 years.
Oh that demon that used try to kill me. I call him Bob.
I named my computer after him.
I try to keep my eye out.
He is a nasty farker.


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