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Just Got Here
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I cant wait for the day when and if they rebuild the admin building

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Elizabeth Mary Clune
Admiited age 18 year ?1928
From Mesick
Told by other family "only daughter of family of 9 Father adored her "William Clune" showered her with attention
Mother jealous Had her committed TCSH"I find THAT
Lived there til death 1972 NO family contact?!
I have 2 pictures Beautiful girl Did ANYONE care for her or know her PLEASE CONTACT ME I AM Great Niece & Nurse
Pamela Clune

Thank you

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Frank Russel Simmons
Frank Simmons was my paternal grandfather who was a patient at Traverse City from 1920-1940.
After that I can find no record of him. All members of the family are now deceased and I would like to find out as much information about him as possible.

Lynda Simmons Schaffer

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Fannie Lee Roach
Fannie was my great grandmother.Never knew much about her.I got information that she had died in the Traverse City Asylum in 1915.She was born 1966.If anyone knows anything Please let me know.Her family were from Michigan.She was born in Tenn.Her maden name was Flippo.

 Loretta Fritz

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Catherine Gorney (Katarzyna Gorney) from Bay City, Michigan
Catherine Gorney (Katarzyna Gorney) from Bay City, Michigan - passed away at the hospital
in the 1960's - she was my great-grandmother - no one in our family ever saw a picture of her - she was in the hospital (had 9 children at home) for over 30 years. Is there a database that could provide at least one photo of her, and a record?

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Catherine Gorney (Katarzyna Gorney) from Bay City, Michigan
Catherine Gorney (Katarzyna Gorney) from Bay City, Michigan - passed away at the hospital
in the 1960's - she was my great-grandmother - no one in our family ever saw a picture of her - she was in the hospital (had 9 children at home) for over 30 years. Is there a database that could provide at least one photo of her, and a record? Thank you.

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Helen Durga was my aunt. you may contact me at (904) 225 5348. My name is Darlene, my mother was a Wells from Copemish, and Aunt Helen's oldest sister. I remember Aunt Helen very well and remember some of her problems as she would contact my Mother (LaVonne Wells) to confide in her. I did not read the request from you until 10/11/15. Are you Chuckie's child?
           Hope this gets to you and you call.  Darlene

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Need Help
I am looking for any information on a Mrs. Satterle. She would be my Great Great Grandmother. No one in the family knows anything about her, the only thing that anyone knows is that "She went to Traverse City" and her daughter my Grate Grandmother was only a little kid at the time. My brother has a Biology project for a family tree that is supposed to be a five generation tree with traits. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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A timeline and a first name would be helpful. Census records are usually a good place to start and are done every 10 years, up until 1940 are available online.

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Ron Larson
I am looking for a Ron Larson that was admitted to this hospital in 1962, I believe. Any help would be appreciated.

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Traverse City Hospital Patients...
Quote: Thu 25th 7:47 pm
I have been working on family history and I am trying to find information about my Great Grandfather who was a patient at the hospital when he died in the 1950's. Does anyone know if it is possible to see a patient census or something of the sort anywhere?

Greetings: I have been in search of the same thing as you, a Patient list.... My Grandfather, Pearl Shaw, was also a patient at the T.C. State Hospital from 1952-57, until his death..... I have received some Documents from the state showing his Burial permit and letters he received.... Currently, I am trying to locate anyone living,  who may have  worked there in Healthcare at that time, that may have known some of the patients.... Take care, Jack Shaw

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I am Ron Larson
I am Ron Larson who was at TCSH Hall -18 and the ronl who wrote my accounts about the place. Go to and you will find me along with my email addy

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Scared Stiff
When i was 5 thru 15 my uncle was in the Traverse City Hospital.I was born in 1960.The only haunting in that place is when it was open.My parents would take me and my brother to visit our uncle.I was scared stiff,the screaming and yelling people every where with no one around watching them.The smell in that place gave me nightmares.It was dark and damp.We would go on announced because my uncle would have bruises on him that he said the people that worked there use to beat him up.I had nightmares till i was in my teens from going to that place.I do believe we need these places for our sick and i no that now a days they would watch over the people better.Now our prisons are over filled with the mentally ill and the police are over whelmed every day taken care of the sick.Something must be done.

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employee-- my name is tom --I worked hall 18 then
Quote: Sat 31st 6:53 pm
My name is Bill. I was also a "patient" at TCSH from 1965 thru 1969. I was 15 years old when I went in, and something like 45 when I got out. I will not disclose any names, due to my personal beliefs on privacy, however, I was one of the "big kids" ronl spoke of seeing when he came into Hall 18. I can corroborate most of what he says. I worked the laundry room on the Hall and was the one who handed out clothing and towels after the showers. I was also the one who buffed the floors daily (excepting Sundays, when I sang in the Chapel Choir). One thing he doesn't mention about the shower room is the large concrete "bathtub" which was seldom used, except for punishment "Ice Baths" where a kid would be stripped and held in the tub by a couple of attendants while a "Nurse" would cover him in ice. They would hold the kid in there until he stopped struggling, and the "Nurse" would finally allow him to be removed.

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I was there
I was placed there by a judge around 1978. I was placed there for assessment. At the initial interview the person i talked to declared i had deep depression. I cannot tell you what all they said because at the time i could hear the noises of life in my head more than i could tell you what those was saying around me. I was dealing with a drug problem at the same time as being depressed and although not addicted i would use LSD very often back then. I had attempted suicide as well as having no regard for the law or anyone around me. I am sorry if this sounds somewhat vague or complicated because the memories of it were kind of just that. I have no idea the doctors name i talked to nor what ward i was in other than it seemed to be some sort of admissions for review. I was never abused there at all but i was able to say what they wanted to hear in order to get my way in whatever the case may had been at the time as well as being able to secure my release. The problem with that is the depression never went away. I am 55 now and have never been able to maintain employment. Through the years i went from being very volatile to almost complete withdrawal from society as i am now. I brought up the depression to my doctor and it was almost like he did not believe me. I can put up a good front but every night i go to bed praying that i do not wake up in the morning. Don't get me wrong, i am not suicidal. I just do not care to live. It may seem silly but there is a difference. I am not a danger to anyone nor myself so i guess this isn't serious to anyone but me. I feel that the lack of treatment at this facility has contributed to my feelings that i have today of being worthless and unloved. I have been divorced twice and am now in a relationship that the person i am with expects nothing from me as a man. Trust me that's not good. Anyway.... I guess i need to find out how to obtain these records even though now it is too late for me to get any kind of social security because of my lousy work record. I really don't know what good it would do really other than maybe showing a history of how long i have been this way and why.

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looking for info on Susan
not mentioning full name for security reasons but does anyone remember a susan (sue) from 1980 ? would have been in the fall. Looking to clear up some family questions. Thanks

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I spent nine months there in 1969-1970..looking for old friends from then
My name is Amy. I was 15 when I entered Traverse City State Hospital. I knew Ron. The last I heard, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in November 2016. Hoping he's still alive. He was one bright spot for me there. Loved listening to him sing and play his guitar. We met up again in Muskegon many years later. Now I'd like to hear from him if he's still alive. I'm also looking for a few other girls that were there with me. I won't mention their last names but they were: Dorothy (Dot), Diane, Judy, Belinda and Zola. We were all in the girls building. Any help appreciated. I'd love to reconnect with them. If you have info, email me at

Thanks (and yes, it was like hell there)

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