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The following comment/remembrance from a past staff member was posted to an institution entry:

In 1970, I went to work for the Manchester State Industrial School. I worked night shift first at King Cottage, and later at Riverview. The children incarcerated there back then wouldn't get a second look from the juvenile justice system today. Most were there for "Status offenses" like running away, skipping school, or being what was referred to as a "Stubborn Child."

Children were routinely hit, tied to chairs, and otherwise abused by the staff, who called this "discipline" One child, a boy named Arthur Nutter was tied to his bed for 18 hours.

Complaints by staff were met with stony silence, and an occasional negative note in your employment record. My job was Civil Service so they couldn't fire me without a public hearing which they didn't want. BUT I couldn't stand the mistreatment, so I left and went down to work in Massachusetts where they were closing the reform schools in the Commonwealth.

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I vaguely remember Arthur Nutter.
Mr Brownley was horrible. Hit me more than once. Text me @ 208 220 4285. If you want to discuss this matter. Thanks

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Had me handcuffed,spread eagle to bed posts with no matress for days.A mean sort up there in NH.
I could go on and on.

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