Louisiana State Colony & Training School

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Louisiana State Colony & Training School
Established 1918
Opened 1921
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Pineville, LA
Peak Patient Population 2,900/1953
Alternate Names


The State Colony and Training School was created by the Louisiana Legislature by Act 141 of 1918, and received its first patients in December, 1921. The original act established the institution to care for “any person affected with mental defectiveness from birth or from an early age, so pronounced that he is incapable of managing himself and his affairs, or being taught to do so, and requires suppression, control and care for his own welfare,or for the welfare of the community, who is not classified as an insane person within the meaning and intent of the laws of the State of Louisiana.”

The Colony was established to meet a need pointed up for many years by the East Louisiana State Hospital and by the Central Louisiana State Hospital when these institutions, existing to provide care and treatment for mentally ill persons, found that their populations included an increasing number of mentally defective and epileptic persons who were not mentally ill. Originally the Colony was created to provide for mentally defective individuals; later, persons with epilepsy were included, by legislative revision, in the Colony’s responsibility.