Lake Owasso Children's Home

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Lake Owasso Children's Home
Established 1900
Opened 1950 (state home)
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Shoreview, MN
Alternate Names
  • The Children's Preventorium
  • Lake Owasso Annex
  • Lake Owasso Residence


Built in about 1900, Cuenca Hospital at 210 N. Owasso Blvd (Shoreview, MN) was a tuberculosis sanitarium. In 1910, it was purchased by the Anti-tuberculosis Association. In 1915, Dr. Henry Longstreet Taylor convinced the association to change its function to a preventorium for children who had been exposed to tuberculosis. During the first 14 months of operation, they cared for 85 children of parents with TB. The length of a child's stay could be a few weeks or as long as several years. The children lived in dormitories and attended their own two room school. The preventorium closed in 1953 and leased to the State of MN for $1 a year and reopened , in 1955, as an annex to Faribault State Hospital with the name of Lake Owasso Children's Home. Lake Owasso Residence (LOR) is a residential treatment facility for 64 adults with developmental disabilities. In 1976 the facility transferred to Ramsey County authorities. LOR is operated by Ramsey County and is assisted by volunteers and community members in offering special services and opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities.