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Lake County Poor Asylum
Established 1884
Construction Began 1912
Opened 1913
Closed 1989
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Architect(s) M. Beers
Location Crown Point, IN
Alternate Names
  • Lake County Infirmary
  • Lake County Home


The original location was 4 miles from Crown Point and known as the "County Farm". By the turn of the century a new facility was need as Lake County was growing rapidly due to the new steel mills in Gary. The new buildings consisted of an administration building, 2 men's dormitories, 1 women's dormitory, kitchen & a cell house. The facility was set-up to be self sufficient and the power plant could handle a capacity of about 500. The building's wings were laid out in a way that future expansion would be easily completed. The total cost at the time for the buildings, fully furnished, was about $180,000. The administration building was connected to the dormitories by large enclosed porches that could allow fresh air & sunlight. The dormitory wings are placed at an angle with the central group of buildings for sunlight and air & to facilitate courtyards for outdoor recreation.

The building became a short-term mental health facility after WW2. Patients were either released from here after treatment or relocated to Logansport or Westville State Hospital for long-term treatment. In the 1960s some of the original wings were demolished.