Kansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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Kansas State Tuberculosis Sanitarium
Established 1913
Opened 1914
Closed 1988
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Norton,KS
Alternate Names
  • Norton State Sanatorium
  • Norton State Hospital
  • Valley Hope Alcohol Treatment Center
  • Norton Correctional Facility


The Kansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium is situated in a beautiful spot on the Prairie Dog Creek four miles east of Norton. The location is ideal for an institution of this character. The air is invigorating, there is an abundance of pure water with a near perfect drainage system. The climate is good, with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year.

The State of Kansas owns an L-shaped tract of land on the northwest corner of the intersection of US 36 and 383 with K-67. This tract comprises 240 acres of good bottom land on which the Sanatorium buildings are situated. The grounds situated in the bend of the creek are appropriately landscaped, with the buildings arranged around the Administration Building, which stands near the center. Pleasing drives and walks leading to the different parts of the grounds with evergreens and flowers at intervals make it very beautiful. The trees skirting the creek to the north make a fitting background for the landscape. The buildings and grounds are brilliantly lighted by night and can be seen for miles.

To the north of the creek are the barns and dairy herd which supply the institution with milk. Chickens are kept to supply the patients with fresh eggs throughout the year. The farm produces feed which is fed from several large silos built for the purpose and belonging to the institution.

The history of the sanatorium dates back to the year 1913. The corner stone was laid and the dedicatory service held on June 14, 1914. The corner stone bears the inscription: "In the health of the people lies the strength of the nation."

As an inducement to have the institution located in Norton county, the citizens of Norton subscribed $7,200 to purchase the site. As the institution continued to grow, more land was needed. In the year 1934 the State of Kansas purchased a square tract of land consisting of 160 acres, less the railroad right-of-ways, just north of US 36 and 383 on the northeast corner of the intersection with K-67. This with an additional tract of 3.94 acres east of the buildings, make a total of approximately 400 acres owned by the State of Kansas.

Taken from the Seventy Years in Norton County Kansas 1872-1942 by D. N. Bowers

In 1963 the State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis in Norton was authorized to serve persons with mental retardation. It continued this dual duty until 1968, at which point all TB patients were transferred to the institution in Chanute and the sanatorium was renamed Norton State Hospital. It never served direct admissions, only transfers from other institutions.

Norton Correctional Facility (NCF) opened in the buildings of the former Norton State Hospital in 1987. In 1988, NCF’s East Unit opened in the converted farm implement dealership building located in Stockton.

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